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Note Oct 3, 2020: Unfortunately, the Chronicle Herald switcehd to a new platform 2 years ago and did not archive these articles. However they are available via an archived version of this website page. It may take a little while to come up.

January 11, 2016: David Patriquin
An unexpected place for life: the rocky intertidal
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December 21, 2015: Donna Crossland
A Merry Christmas to Yew

November 30, 2015: Jamie Simpson
Basic hunting offers challenges

October 19, 2015: Clare Robinson
What’s in a name? Nature

September 21, 2015: Alain Belliveau
Slow decline of stately elms

August 24, 2015: David Patriquin
A love of the natural world

July 19, 2015: Donna Crossland
The world of spectacular swifts

June 29, 2015: Alain Belliveau
Working the woodlot with kids’ future in mind

Spring Beauty in Cape Split hardwoods, mid-May

Spring Beauty in Cape Split hardwoods, mid-May

May 18, 2015: David Patriquin
Spring dance of hardwoods and wildflowers begins
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April 13, 2015: Alain Belliveau
Amphibians spring into action as temperatures rise

March 9, 2015: Bob Bancroft
Mainland moose decline due to poor forest management

Feb.1, 2015: Alain Belliveau
Winter is perfect for perusing old tales of game wardens

deer in Halifax suburbJanuary 10, 2015: Bob Bancroft
Why deer roam close to home

December 6, 2014: David Patriquin
NOVA SCOTIA NATURALLY: Sharing Halifax space with wildlife
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October 18, 2014: Jamie Simpson
Healthy N.S. beech trees spell hope

September 13, 2014: Bob Bancroft
Wealth of fauna call N.S. forests home
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August 16, 2014. Donna Crossland Saw-Whet Owl, photo by Mark Elderkin
All in a day’s work for the Owl Man
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The Cornell Lab of Ornithology: Attracting Birds With Nest Boxes

June 21, 2014. David Patriquin
NATURALLY: Native species grow on gardeners

May 19, 2014. Donna Crossland:
NATURALLY: Don’t let the music stop

April 19, 2014. Mark Elderkin:
Eagles: Too much of a good thing?

March 29, 2014. Nick Hill and Dave Patriquin:
The forest fires that nature intended

Feb 22, 2014. Matt Miller:
NATURALLY: Deadwood brings forest alive

Dec 14, 2013. Bob Bancroft:
Seed trees determine future of N.S. forests

Oct 26, 2013. Jamie Simpson:
Breathing in the Forest Air

Sep 28, 2013. Alain Belliveau:
An enlichening tale on old forests and air quality

PHOTO BY ALEXANDER WILDAug. 24, 2013. Nick Hill:
Diversity at an ant’s pace, one seed at a time

July 20, 2013. David Patriquin:
Weedy immigrants adorn N.S.

June 29, 2013. Mark Elderkin:
Nova Scotia’s vanishing bats

May 18, 2013. David Patriquin:
Rhodora’s spring colours

April 14, 2013. Nick Hill:
Slow down the water

March 17, 2013. Donna Crossland:
Hemlocks: nature’s pharmacy

February 17, 2013. Bob Bancroft:
Time to think about our wildlife
January 20, 2013. Alain Belliveau:
Getting your feet wet in southwest Nova Scotia

December 16, 2012. Mark Elderkin
A resilient symbol of Canada returns from the brink of extinction

November 25, 2012. Bob Bancroft:
Broken Rivers

Oct. 21, 2012: David Patriquin:
Casting a colourful fall spell in our forests

Sep. 23, 2012. Mark Elderkin:
Voluntary stewardship vs environmental laws

Aug 12, 2012. Matt Miller:
Developing new approaches to ‘silver-culture’
July 8, 2012. Donna Crossland:
How fire has changed our forests

June 10, 2012. Jamie Simpson:
A sublime moment of joy on the shore of a small lake