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verticalThroughout Nova Scotia’s history, its peoples have lived between the land and sea, harvesting the bountiful resources afforded by our forests, fields and waters. Sometimes the harvests have been from the natural state, and sometimes from managed habitats or stocks. With time, we have become more “efficient” in our management and harvest of these resources and more urbanized. This has resulted in fewer and fewer people who know the land and the waters intimately and a widening disconnect between Nova Scotians at large and their natural world and its resources.

This group of writers strives to build upon the legacy of natural history mentors in Nova Scotia like Robie W. Tufts (1884-1982) and Merritt Gibson (1930-2010) who wrote about their observations, ideas and passions about the natural world in the local and provincial newspapers. Such writings helped previous generations to understand and value their relationship to the natural world.

Our articles, under the banner Nova Scotia Naturally, feature timely natural history topics and some of our individual or collective perspectives on resource and conservation issues. On occasion, guest authors will be invited to contribute. Revenues raised from publication of articles in this column are donated to conservation endeavours, most recently in support of the Young Naturalists Club of Nova Scotia.

The website is maintained by David Patriquin

Wildland Writers:
Bob Bancroft, Alain Belliveau, Donna Crossland, Matt Miller, David Patriquin, Jamie Simpson