Amphibians spring into action as temperatures rise

Blue-spotted Salamander Photo by Alain Belliveau

Blue-spotted Salamander
Photo by Alain Belliveau

Alain Belliveau writes: “Even before most songbirds fill the air with their multifarious melodies and chirps, an altogether different group of critters signals the start of spring.

You’ll know that most lakes are ice-free and that, surely, there’s a warm breeze on the way when amphibians, including frogs and toads, start peeping, ribbiting and croaking. Salamanders also quietly signal the start of spring, in a surprisingly remarkable way.

One of these quiet critters — a yellow-spotted salamander — migrated its way across my doorstep one evening last April. Although I was surprised to see it there, the conditions were indeed ripe for a big migration of hundreds if not thousands of amphibians from overwintering areas to breeding sites.

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