NATURALLY: Don’t let the music stop

warbler“Nova Scotia is an excellent location to raise a family, and not just for humans”, writes Donna Crossland to introduce her article about the arrival of songbirds from afar and their efforts to raise families here. “Before the hardwoods have flushed their first leaves and many other warblers have yet returned to Nova Scotia, the voice of the northern parula warbler emanates from woodlands and forest edges. It is one of my favourite sounds of early May.” As the most beautiful of our warblers, Donna chooses the Blackburnian warbler. “The brilliant, orange throat of the male is a showstopper. Blackburnians return each year to reside high in a canopy that is generally dominated by eastern hemlock.” She expresses concern about the ongoing loss of habitat for such species as we continue to clearcut even mature hemlock for fibre. View online version of the article

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